Watchin X-Files (Thanks emwolfie for getting me in the mood)


BABY CROWLEY. Mark Sheppard.


Okay so for the past 8 years since I stopped playing soccer I’ve felt pangs of sadness more and more often that I don’t play anymore. Now that I’ve graduated college and try to keep a semi-normal work schedule, I feel like I could play in a sort of casual recreational league but I’ve also been like “that would never happen because I would be terrified to play and interact with a team of adult cis-men who are complete strangers”. BUT. BUT. BUT. I had a random thought and googled it on a whim and ACTUALLY LEARNED. THAT THERE IS AN LGBT LEAGUE THAT MEETS ONCE A WEEK TWENTY MINUTES AWAY. 

AND THE THOUGHT THAT I MIGHT BE ABLE TO GET BACK INTO SOCCER -CASUALLY WITH PEOPLE WHO WON’T JUDGE ME FOR THINGS -EXCITES ME SO MUCH. And I apologize to all my followers who are like “wtf i’m here for the art whut r you talking about, sports suck, this is tumblr, get off” but soccer was a big part of my life for like 8 years (until I chose theater over trying out for the high-school team) and I’ve been so sad and missing it so much (esp. lately with the world cup going on) and I’m so excited. I need to shoot them an email about joining up mid-season or when to sign up and shit. 

>.> I hope they need a goalkeeper. But I will be happy with anything.

And then I’ll be able to easily get back into a physical fitness related routine and I can get back into shape while doing something I love. 

If they don’t accept newbies mid-season or if they’re full up already, I sure hope they’re still around next year ;A;


When Germany dominates Brazil so hard in the first half they knock out the power in ESPN’s studio with thunderstorms.



HOLY SHIT GERMANY HOLY SHIT. 3-0 against Brazil and only 24 minutes in

ok its 4-0 now. how. what. wow


HOLY SHIT GERMANY HOLY SHIT. 3-0 against Brazil and only 24 minutes in