THE BARTIMAEUS TRILOGY. it’s like my top number one fiction series of all time and its sort of similar to jonathan strange. god i love it so much. picture me as a clown dancing with a sign pointing to the books.

AHH You know what. I actually own books one and two but never read them. So I will have to take your recommendation! 8D



With the intention of watching the miniseries when I’m done.
First of all, I love architecture and cathedrals especially, so this book is fantastic for that reason already. Now I have just learned that Mr.Darcy, Marius, and the one sexy guy from A Knights Tale are all in the cast of the series. I have to read faster.

Also I finished reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell the other week, so I’m super excited for that miniseries to come out 8D.

Also if anyone has any excellent historical fiction recommendations let me know. ( particularly set in Europe/England, 1900 or earlier)

Now that I’ve graduated college , I suddenly have time to really get back into reading for the first time in years


I am the owner of my own car now. Title and insurance in my name and everything…..

My student loan payments start next month.

I had an interview for a part time position at Michaels that I think went well. Hopefully I’ll get it so that I can keep illustrating/doing commissions/my own work while having a steady source of income.

I think I’m actually almost a real adult now.